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Music is a medium of art that allows me to connect with people in many different ways. It's a blessing to be able to do something you love everyday and truly affect lives. I personally go and write when I am in all sorts of different moods and it allows me to put what i'm feeling down on paper and lets me work through how I feel. The best part is knowing that my fans can connect to me. Although they may connect to the music differently that's the beauty of this art. Its up to people to interpret it how they seem fit.

I started writing and producing my music when i was young. I didn't just start singing out of the blue, it was hard work and a lot of practicing. Listening to other people's work, following the industry and keeping track of what's current. 




Wix Records, 123-456-7890




Karen Blanche, 123-456-789




The Bookerz, 123-456-7890


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